A Moment in Time


I am a people person, engaged with friends, community, and life on the street. AsI have walked the streets in Philadelphia and other cities, I am drawn into many scenes that trigger an emotional response from me. There may be a split second to recognize, react and… click the shutter. I do not know what images I am going to get on any given day, and that’s what draws me to the genre… a never-ending entree into the lives of people in many varied communities and neighborhoods.

The resulting images that I have taken capture a specific “moment in time”, recording a slice of life that often eludes us as we go about our everyday lives. Some moment in time photographs illustrate when an image is there for an instant and then is gone, a fleeting moment that may have gone unnoticed if not for the camera. Others depict an emotional experience -- a moment that is poignant, happy, sad, reflective, full of tension.

These photographs are from many different locations, and each tells its own story. You may wish to reflect on what each photograph represents to you about a moment in time, and what you think the story may be about.

© Ellie Seif 2015